arrow_back View and modify your data on visited websites?

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When you install browser extensions there is such a thing: view and modify your data on visited sites — simple human language without scientific terminology, what does it mean?

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So you went to a page with a description of the seals. And if the extension has permission to "view and modify", it can this description also "read". And even to replace it.

Sometimes this is useful and well conceived. Extension to block advertising scans the content of the page is advertising, and cuts. Or an extension that automatically translates to another language, for example.

Sometimes it can be harmful. For example on the page of your Bank, to see the balance and replace the account number to which you make the transfer.


dupre well, theoretically, serious extension audit. Or you can open the source and read.

But in practice it happens like this:
Stalker_RED , clearly, thanks. Noticed you have a lot of answers on js how long write on it?
dupre at work 10 years, probably.
Solid. You help the needy?
In the Bank page I have from time to time it is used — you me horror caught, is there a pill from such misery, is it possible to understand the vile extension or decent?