arrow_back 1C:Accounting 7.7 Submission of regulatory reporting - error. What's wrong?

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Good day. Perhaps to some, this question seems simple but I'm stumped.

Updated. Configuration of USN Release 7.70.286
When uploading report 6-pit swears:

Unloaded the calculation of the sums of the tax to incomes of physical persons (the Form 6-NDFL) for the period: 1st Quarter of 2018
The calculation of the sums of the tax to incomes of physical persons (the Form 6-pit): Title page was not found the partition table Табл_5_НПФЛ.

Попробовал сделать, как написали здесь , не помогло. Ошибка та же самая.

До обновления конфигурации всё было в порядке. Значит, ошибка в ней? Подскажите пожалуйста, куда копать.

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Prompt please where to dig.
Waiting for a release, which will correct the reporting, either using the Configurator and the debugger understand the nature of the problem and fix it.
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You are absolutely right. I just didn't notice that was an outdated edition. Now for the third 1 quarter of 2018. Blame my carelessness. Re-updating solved the problem.

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Mark Amelin For 1C it is common practice.
The reporting forms are often made in great haste - the law is adopted, we need a new form, to the date of reporting.
And the rush is generates a bunch of errors.
As a result of persistent shoals in reporting, but they are very quickly eliminated.
The very next day, roll out a new release.