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In a static page, fancybox works correctly (the image open nice).

But when outputting images by Gallery (+fancybox), by clicking on the thumbnail instead of the image very nicely POPs up a window c code (text soderazhanie image file)

Moreover, other plugins (colorbox, lightbox) did refuse to work with a Gallery (without it all works)

версия MODX Revolution MODX Revolution 2.2.14-pl (traditional)

вызов галереи на странице:

чанк gal_vertTpl1:
<div class="[[+cls]]">
<a class="fancybox" href="[[+linkToImage:if=`[[+linkToImage]]`:is=`1`:then=`[[+image_absolute]]`:else=`[[~[[*id]]?
&[[+tagRequestVar]]=`[[+tag]]` ]]`]]
" title= "[[*pagetitle]], модель [[+name]]"
<img class="[[+imgCls]]" src="[[+thumbnail]]" title= "[[*pagetitle]], модель [[+name]]" alt="[[+name]]" />
<p>Модель [[+name]]</p>

пс: задача вроде проста - вывести на странице кликабельные превьюшки, да вот...


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The question still relevant? )
already fixed it. thank you