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Good day!
Please tell me whether the pseudo-class - active "work" with one point in the "prefix". active, but not with the classic colon - : active?
More precisely, it definitely - works, but no space from the name of the element to which it is added?
And the item retains the properties assigned to it via . active(in fact this class?) even when "letting go - click" !
Question: is this normal? and why?)
Thank you!


Alex Glebov Thank you!
Watch inspector
there are all styles
and how do they apply

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You have in the code, apparently the class is defined .active. No connection with the pseudo-class he has not.


Alexey Ukolov Thank you!
It seems to, but...
Daria Shvakh make a minimal example in codepen or jsfiddle and verify that Anton Spirin right.
Anton Spirin Thank you!
This is the first thing that came to mind.
But Ctrl+F - the illusion is shattered)