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Artemy Lebedev started with, what he was doing and showed the site design to fictitious customers. Is it possible to do the same, only to show in a portfolio is not design, and entirely made websites to fictitious customers? And the second question, indicate that the sites in the portfolio to fictitious customers or not?

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Is it possible

No, the screen will come out evil uncle and give a hand.

And the second question, indicate that the sites in the portfolio to fictitious customers or not?

Of course the whole point is to fill a portfolio, to immediately tell it's fake.

Why make a portfolio for fake clients, if you can do several works as demonstrations of skills? All the deep shit the customers you did it or not. The main thing that can.
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Do for customers, what troubles??
Or Studio so aspiring that straight at all no one to do a couple of shops??
Or four banal business cards???
The machine then at least you bought?? Without it the business will not work, tested!!...

But if without jokes, here's a ready case for solutions out of your depressing situation:
1. find clients, nobody forbids to call the client bum with neighboring shops or classmate-zabuldyga from next door
2. make customers from p. 1 sites of Shmita - in Google a billion links - download from the Google site, post on free trial web hosting from beget (price ZERO R)
3. make a screenshot
4. in the graphical editor change the hue of the screenshot - where was the red will turn blue where it was green turns to yellow, etc.
5. blur all text, with odni hand as if the concern about privacy of your client, on the other tsorona will not be visible where you pulled the site ready.
6. do not have time to charge your phone, which starts to receive 400 calls an hour from prospective clients.

Well, if is actually no joke, demolished as soon as possible this shameful topic itself, until it was banned by the moderators....
avr1972 much as I have sympathy for you, not to tell you... to ask such questions... PPC...)) Well, it would still be okay.. But the second question ("should we inform that it is fake") is simply a gap pattern, I have uploaded screenshots for Peekaboo, people laughing in full voice....
Right now, even on YAPLAKAL will spread, disrupting the working day for the whole of Russia is guaranteed....
alex-1917 Sorry
avr1972 Yes this is not a sea but a lake...
That is, Lebedev did something shameful, when he showed the designs for fictional companies? You wrote a lot, and the meaning written is not visible. If you would like to have fun, it's not funny. Maybe something specific would you recommend? Until I see a sea of negativity and nothing more.