arrow_back Add functionality to an android app without source code.Is it possible to do this?

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There is a client program for taxi without sources.The receipt of orders and their selection is done manually.Is it possible to add a filter which will choose any order and automatically pressed the button to take the order?


Denis Zagajewski the issue seems to have been given not in the legal branch
It is likely that this would violate the license and terms of use.

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Full of Decompiler in smali code - just to understand it requires knowledge.
In the Internet articles as mud:

Only modern versions of Android, you will see a fake signature and will not install this app.


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Good if for example you can install,well for example, this emulator will be?Decide whether adding a filters feature?
Sergey Gornostaev if You do not do this,it does not mean that it does not work.The point is that instead of a signature was merely a transition to another area,and there is another signature,I don't know exactly,but hardly fake
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