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When you click on a link in Viber-the bots and the browser opens, but the link is sent to the chat as a message from the user. This behavior and is described in the documentation on the website of Viber:
Keyboard Reply logicPressing a keyboard button would trigger a different reply buttons depending on the “actionType” value.For ActionType open-url:The value of ActionBody is sent as a text message to account (via a message event).The value of ActionBody is opened in the browser.The value of ActionBody appears in the chat thread as message from the user.

Зачем это сделано?
И как отключить дублирование ссылки в чат?

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A partial solution to the problem:
the parameter "Silent": Determine whether the user action is presented in the conversation

In support of Viber said disable sending of the link from the button back to the server is impossible. So you'll have to block one on your side.