arrow_back What libraries are there to exchange data between client and server in java?

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Writing a game in which between the client and server exchange data. Your data contains objects, their location, etc. the Server and client can run on one machine. What would you need to work between two jar applications.


Question or it. The most appropriate may be anything from a bare socket from* and custom serialization, and to JMS or Akka. The bad news is that no one, including the author of the question does not know what is really needed )) according to the uncertainty of the question, such as "between two jar applications", it seems, at this stage of development for several early search for ready-made "libraries for data exchange". First you need to formulate the requirements to the Protocol and, in fact, to define it... what data, under what conditions, between what, on what networks.
There are at least thousands of such libraries.

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try websocket
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Retrofit — type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java.
Article on habré Study 2 Retrofit

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The HTTP client is not something that need a lot of data might need to send them the lists with data.