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There is an idea to make a shop with geo Peter (in his spare time). Now look on the side of the WP template themeforest. Plan to drive traffic from contextual ads and forums (have experience). But SEO had not worked. Will there be a strong disadvantage for a further optimization that THEY will be on WP? Optimize the plan with details (understand that this is kindergarten, but plans to spend good money on THEM yet, but for the crazy money there is a high probability that you will get a bad result ). Or maybe in my case it is better to forget about SEO and do the ways of traffic attraction which are good?

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No. SEO depends on the person who would do it. Hire SEOs, invest in direct advertising and AdWords
If you invest in direct advertising and AdWords, then why SEO?
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invest in direct advertising and AdWords

It's not SEO
Hire SEOs

He can pin all his failures on wp
SEO depends on the person who would do it.

1. First, if you make shit code, then it is difficult to raise the website in search results. It is better to think about SEO, and thought the author
2. WP, like any other multifunctional cms has a bunch of unnecessary code and this is not always possible to overcome by direct hands seo guru

My advice to You. View something like webasyst. The price is great and the fuss will be less than with WP. He has the basic templates are not SEO optimized bad.

The engine was created for blogging not will be a good base for the store.
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WP is not the best option for big serious to them, but quite suitable for small.
From the point of view of seo:
- CNC able
- full customization, any meta tags, headings and anything - able
card make website possible
And to attract visitors to the site to gain links and behavioural factors - not the engine problem.

Above webinar talking about bad code. It holivar, to start it.
In fact, if the site loaded quickly (on wp it is possible to achieve) - then it doesn't matter there OOP, mvc or indusScript.
There is still bad code boret SEO guru I do not know).

In summary - you can on WP.
The more that in his spare time.
And on opencart, prestashop, etc.
SEO directly from the engine depends.
"An ode to the bad code" (holivar will not start)
I understand that the author is using templates. They have a lot of unpleasant surprises
"full customization, any meta tags, headers, and anything - can"
- it all goes to hell with a curved template.
"And on opencart, prestashop, etc." - are good options, but in my opinion webasyst better, but also has a lot of stupid things, one of which is technical support.