arrow_back Who knows how is this preloader?

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Can anyone suggest the name of such a preloader which is on this website ?


Alexander Arsentiev well it is clear that the title will be any, I'm talking about the effect. Sorry that you are thinking narrowly
maddog670 , but does he not called, any animation can do at boot by any means though SFII in full screen paste this is "preloader".
in this example, just a few DIVS moving in different directions Or with position absolute opacity and other effects through css. Eventually they all become hidden.
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maddog670 , well, because the preloader is the General name for all such pieces.
What name do you want?)

super javascript css html preloader can be called for example :D
A Slap Of Jalolov and well find it in the source
maddog670 ordinary self-made preloader to find the sources for the intro can.
well look in the source code

maybe I should do immediately, throw off ftp to the server :D
Alexander Arsentiev thanks kep, I'm not interested in self-made or not. I'm interested in how this preloader is called. Thank you.
what's in the source, not what is not!? CTRL + U )))

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I think what you want is not element of the site and explanation of how it is made.

Here is all the css animation, its state kontroliruyut with js.

For example, rates blocks implemented like this:

When the page is progresivas, for blocks dobavlyaetsya class.

с логотипом уже сложеная анимация:

- линия анимируеться scaleY

- логотип - две разделение svg, блок родитель анимируэться при разезде вот так:

- появление логотипа в начале, анимируеться задавая для svg transform: translateZ
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no names this preloader, it's all covered in the styles and scripts bouguessa