arrow_back How to check QoS in windows 7 using ping?

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How to test QoS on Windows?

There are two laptops with windows 7 connected by patchcord. Need to check, whether walking between painted traffic (DSCP, ToS != 0x00). You can use ping, wireshark.

Now I run a ping

ping -v 160

Wireshark dump shows that DSCP remains always 0, though, as you can see above, I clearly asked 40.

The Internets suggest to make changes in the registry:
"Do not use NLA"="1"
Does not help.


and the option "Do not use NLA" what type?
ldv : REG_SZ
ldv : deliver to the customer a report that would have shown that the communication channel transparently passes the QoS for all traffic types. But a laptop with Linux to propagate a sufficiently large number of objects is not possible.
Valentin : with iperf just easier to test, as well as a GPO. If not a secret, what is the point to set the priority for ICMP?
ping /?
-v specifies the type of service (IPv4-only. This option
unavailable and does not affect the TOS field in the IP header).
ldv : how do I test? Previously on win xp it worked.
ldv : you probably do not understand me correctly. I have to use ping, the reason additionally it is not necessary to put anything on a PC. Also, I need to use ICMP, and the GPO no traffic type "ICMP"

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ICMP you can check hrping.
hrping.exe -v 96 -t

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There are a lot of software that you can to check it out. But I'm interested in how this can be done by regular means
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You QoS for ICMP traffic asked?

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I asked tos in the ping settings. Naturally, Ping sends icmp packets.
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You need to configure is not in the registry, and the local policy editor GPEdit.msc
Open the policy and click the right button on the policy "policy-based QoS". Select "advanced QoS settings"

Create marking policies for ping


I have something in the next tab, not found a policy for ICMP. Do you have them?
Valentin : Right clicking on a policy-based Qos >>>>>> Create a new policy.
Further instructions
ICMP does not paint Windows, only Linux and only under root.
ping -Q a0
LUqz0r : 1) for each of the DSCP values you have to create new (or change existing) policy and bind it to a port/address. I need to have the app (at least the same iperf) itself could not be set and the windows did not drop it.
2) "Create new policy" there, you cannot select the ICMP type. Only UDP, TCP.