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Use 1 hard drive to 1TB. Breakdown 200GB Windows, the rest (D)ata. Now we need D to get 100 gigs for Linux system. The task using the disk management in Win 10, to separate the memory is obtained, it remains UN-mapped, when you try to activate it gives "On the selected GPT formatted disk, between partitions of type
PARTITION_BASIC_DATA_GUID is a section of another type (not PARTITION_BASIC_DATA_GUID)". Tightened that space back to D, ran EaseUS Partition Master 10.5 was able to separate again, and activate the marked area again, asks to make the active partition. How to be? If you run the installer the distribution, it sees no marked section, but may not be installed there. Asks to make it the root "/"

Mother Asus UEFI kind of disconnected actions:
Download - USB Support = Full (Full Initialization) -- to detect all USB devices
Download - CSM - Launch CSM = Enabled

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neighbors Pukhov, do Acronis Disk Director server and everything is fine, the only thing that look through the command line, shouldn't you have GPT disc structure,
type in cmd : diskpart
next :list disk
and look (as you say you have 10 wines) , so will see your HDD under the number 0, if it is not worth the 2nd
and structure under FS UEFI is GPT, with these monsters personally, I still don't know
to win 7 is much prosse with this, there is the structure of the mbr under NTFS, with these animals it's much Prowse and familiar, and change the disk size is not difficult
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Acronis Disk Director-there was not a single comp where he could not would like to do
Artem : In addition, Acronis DD, with the same ease (and with a nice graphical UI) do Paragon Hard Disk Manager, Aomei Partition Assistant. Put them on the PC do not, correct you to run almost any tool recovery LiveCD or LiveUSB, they are in its composition.