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Me to use blenderneed alt+right mouse button.
But Ubuntuthis arrangement assigned the "window menu": minimize, move, resize, and so on.

Never found this combination to change. In compizthe plugin unityno, by default no.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Unity

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Hi alexandre108.
Thank God, that just happened to solve this problem.
Through the program CompizConfigSettingManager.
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
In short...
1. you come into the program;
sudo ccsm
2. Then find the button General settings-> tab shortcut-> find in the list the key combination {Alt}Button3. Button3 is the right mouse button.
3. Cashing in on {Alt}Button3-> will be a small window and there override any other combination of keyboard shortcuts, which does not collide with anyone and does not interfere with work in Blender. for example, I put {Control}Button3, that is turned the {Ctrl}+PKM system, and vacated the combination of {Alt}+PKM safely use in Blantyre.
P. S. With the same success changed {Control}Button1 (Button1 - left mouse button) on the {Shift}Button1.