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Hello, interested in the possibility of implementing a switch between 2 installed systems , relatively Windows and Linux.
1. WITHOUT virtualization. With the exception of features in which the OS will access the real hardware directly.
2. Persistence, hibernate is simple, after selecting the boot loader must be able to return to the system (i.e. hibernate and the next reboot, I get not the same OS, and the window boot loader with a choice of which OS to load)
I do not understand your question. In the tags you have Virtualbox, in this case, your first requirement is "No virtualization". If you still need a Vbox with a processor that supports hardware virtualization, OS in virtual reality and will run quite cheerfully, except for 3D graphics.
If you want to do without virtualization you need to use an external loader (99% of users with this goal are now using GRUB or GRUB2). If your motherboard supports UEFI, you can transfer control to the Windows boot loader without GRUB, either directly through the UEFI (although GRUB will still be used as the boot loader Linux). And hibernation, and rebooting will work as you described in your requirements.

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So hibernate and work needs. Just two different OS and put a pause to select assets increase
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You direct road here:

Will make it all work consistently - please share the recipe :)
Thanks, sent always in waiting and drew attention to the work of hibernation
Thanks, that's very interesting, but support for Linux, as I recall, there do not pay enough attention