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Can't restore the windows boot loader:
Bootrec /fixboot writes: the Element is not found. What to do?

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Find CD/ USB flash drive with Windows Loaded with it Select "system Restore"Item "command prompt"Enter Bootrec.exe /FixMbrПосле Bootrec.exe /FixBoot
In most cases, thus it is possible to recover the loader

for GPT there is no possibility to check it, but the idea is something like this:

1. At the command prompt, run diskpart
2. Display the list of disks in the system list disk
3. Select the drive where the OS is installed (if the hard drive in the system one, its index will be zero) sel disk 0
4. Print the list of partitions in the system list volFind the EFI partition (usually 100 MB and FAT32) and remember its number (let's say it's volume 1)
5. Assigned to the hidden EFI partition an arbitrary drive letter :
select volume 1
assign letter M:
6. Exit diskpart with the command exit
7. Go to the directory with the bootloader on the hidden partition
cd /d m:\efi\microsoft\boot\
8. Delete the current file with the BCD configuration, renaming it (keep the old configuration as a backup):
ren BCD BCD.bak
9. Utility bcdboot.exe recreate the BCD store by copying the files boot environment from the system catalog:
bcdboot C:\Windows /l ru-ru /s M: /f ALL
* if you do not have Russian version of windows, the flag /l must be exchanged for the right