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Bought VPS hetzner with ubuntu 15.04and strange began to behave there htop constantly shows that virtual CPUuploaded on 100%and another load at all.

At the same time top shows that CPU dynamically loaded it is not loaded? 0a9f3a4b780d46ce84f25d629656b195.png

В какую сторону смотреть? Раньше на других VPS и просто серверах такой картины не наблюдалось, все вроде было стандартно.

У меня только две версии: что может это из за ssd, или из за нюансов виртуализации ?

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Neighbors ate on the CPU cores on which you hang, at 100%.
That's just why top does not show it in st - God knows.
Well, it turns out that they are 24 hours a day, eat )) and what shall I do )?
Vlad Jivotni : well, I their servers, and vps 5-6 years used and 1 time only problem was just with the server.
alexandre108 : well, to read the reviews about the hosting companies in advance, for example) All know at the bottom of vds lousy (not highlighted).

But in General, if you do percent load, then you will be thrown into the free kernel. Must spread, if any on the server.
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the first slide shows that monga )))
What issue is may be because of the nuances of the implementation of htop and top?
try to disable the display of threads in htop H key