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Right now, climbed on an Internet, came across the space Rangers , tears of nostalgia) This game is cool and also like halva, the third part Neodesha.
And then I had an idea. In space Rangers there are afigitelnaya quests , is it possible to port them on android?
That is, to tear out of the game a little change that would not violate copyright to publish it in Google play.
The language medium js and java frameworks.
Or is it better to write with a 0. If so then tell the designer not to for so long?

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Quests from CU at the time was ported for INSTEAD (which, in turn, ported at all). Though the quests from the original, as I understand it, excluded to avoid, so that they separately need to get. Read the discussion, should help.
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Here there are all the quests in text form, if I correctly understood a task essence.
There is an official fansite. There people are writing these quests and if I am not mistaken, you can upload them into the game. Check it. It is possible to export files you rip and text and pictures.
Nicholas Mosquitoes : I'm afraid that using images would be a violation of AP. And about the algorithm - I think it will be too costly. Even if the game is written with a semi-open resources, and all the quests - some xml to get it all for you, in fact, will gemorno, because:
the disassembly itself is costly and in this case unjustified
to understand the structure of the xml, have to sweat. No, of course, some things may be obvious or well commented (both in the same Stalker, for example, where even the "user Notepad" can easily conjure up some miracle-the characteristics or change the quests at a primitive level)
Well, the image is also normally kept closed, although not always.

So, I think, easier whole thing be redrawn and coded independently. Constructors... So the same unity
Nicholas Mosquitoes with the button "to make the game and Rob korowai"
Not I need, along with pictures and algorithm