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Hi all. So, is the next task:
- We have 2 columns, one fixed width, the second rubber in 100% of the remaining width.
1. In the first column, it is necessary to make so that:
1.1. Vertically the background was always a full page.
1.2. The content of the left column when scrolling right fixed.
1.3. When the mouse is over the left column we have the possible vertical scroll.
As such a construction implement. I have tried a lot of options, but each part of the requirements does not work.. =(
Thanks in advance!

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Here, it is desirable to test the layout locally to achieve the desired effect) codepen.io/anon/pen/dYyLVZ and at the expense of the last paragraph, write a handler so that when you hover over the left box you may change its overflow-y to hidden on scroll.