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Tell me, please

What you need to do to begin to run the code in Eclipse?

Eclipsу when you first start by clicking on the "RUN" button gives this error (see screen 2) and 7 errors that I do not understand, because just started to learn C++ and trying to set up the environment for programming.

Before starting my steps were these: File -> New -> C++ Project -> then Next, everywhere (except stage-window Cross GCC Command - there was nothing selected) -> Finish

After Finish surfaced this window (screen 1):

After clicking RUN (screen 2):b02b4e3961fa4e0a842f31af365f8e27.jpg

Подскажите какие мои действия?
  • Что и где скачать?
  • Как это установленное подключить к Eclipse?
  • Какая последовательность моих шагов?

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Well said Alex POS_troi Google your error. In fact - you have not installed the compiler for c/c++. You need to download minGW, which now includes this compiler, install, and register the environment variables. Generally Eclipse - a bit odd choice of IDE for pluses. Put Visual Studio and teach yourself to health advantages.
If the goal is native Android that there should not just Eclipse set, and a ton of SDK and NDK, or nvidia developer pack.
Spacedandy You are on the error window look, and the whole error log. The window says that the binary is not. And why not - it is necessary to look log. Maybe you have in code a simple mistake.
Found this article here habrahabr.ru/post/241133
Did everything as described there, but in the end still can't run the code.
Issued this error: Launch failed. Binary not found.

What else needs to be done?

PS: the goal is to learn C++, then to move on to study Object-C.
PSS: Eclipse was chosen because it can be put on Win and on Mac.
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What sequence my steps?

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can't start compilator