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Is the idea to create a star map in augmented reality under Android. But how it can be implemented?
I see two options:
1) using the GPS and any service that can provide information about stars in a certain place on Earth;
2) to analyze a photo and to build a graph by stars, and then compare with the graph that represent the constellations.
What other ways are there and do you know a service that can give information about stars, depending on location?
But it will not help, because with the camera you anything decent will not be able to withdraw recognition - the noise alone.

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1) map vzethdev the sky is not the problem
2) to determine what is currently available you will need:
coordinates of the user
- direction of view
the time
3) in order to do all the really cool need to learn to look for the level of the horizon, then it will be possible for him to do already. There will, again, work with the accelerometer and compass.

And about the option of analysis of stars from the camera can be easily forgotten.
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Possible Google Sky . Not sure there can be correctly attached to the GPS coordinates, because the Earth rotates, and in the course of a human life is hardly possible 2 the moment in which the stars in absolutely identical condition. I'm not an expert in astronomy, because this is only my subjective opinion which may differ from the truth.
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I just think that the camera will be difficult to recognize a specific area is quite a dark sky, or is it not working?
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There is such an app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com....
The GPS determines the coordinates for the map is built the starry sky.
And the accelerometer has already been determined by the angle of the phone.