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Have a PC with windows 7 enterprise. It created a local group policy to a user account Ivan, restricting his rights.

Creates a user account Peter. For it is necessary to register the same local group policy and rights, as well as for the account Ivan.

Change local group policy under "Administrative templates".

Question: is it possible to copy a user policy Ivan in a user policy, Peter?

This is necessary in order to knitted not to prescribe policy for user Peter.

Windows server is not used.
Alexander Koryukin : sorry, wrong. Enterprise
rub_ak : in order to have the PC administrator account, which has unlimited rights
windows 7 corporate not happen

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- Ivan: secedit /export /cfg c:\policies.inf
- Peter: secedit /configure /db secpol.sdb /cfg c:\policies.inf /overwrite
That is, we must first go to Peter and to run: secedit /export /cfg c:\policies.inf

It exports a pure policy only Ivan.

Then go to Peter and to run: secedit /configure /db secpol.sdb /cfg c:\policies.inf /overwrite

It imports the policy of Ivan the policy of Peter.

And to yield two users with the same local group policy?
All of this is happening on 1 PC. Will work escorts and import all policies?