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The addresses of the ns servers:

ns1.jino.ru (
ns2.jino.ru (
ns3.jino.ru (
ns4.jino.ru ( them to the "name Servers": c7782e8ee8ea4893a04b9c81bfcb79e6.png

In "DNS zone file" pointed to the same server, but by default there was another recording that I did:


Проблема: Сайт работает не стабильно, то белую страницу выдает, то долго подгружает, но самое интересное, что работает. Объясните, все-ли правильно настроено? Если нет, то почему?

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Unstable work, because it screws up the web server, it gives a white page, it means DNSы nothing to do with it.
At first glance everything is configured correctly.
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Most likely, problems with the hosting. Try some monitoring tool domain sending requests from different places to understand why.