arrow_back How to remove garbage requests in Ya. directa?

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Guys, there are constantly a lot of junk conversions in the advertising campaign Direct (Search)
Here are examples of queries, you can clearly see that the sklick budget.

1. polymer bucket fastening to the belt elevator bucket fastening to the belt belt with polymer buckets in moscow from tk+ quot
2. end cap for belt conveyor cable routing along conveyor belt conveyor manufacturer by hebei shuanghuan conveying equ
3. mug silicone bottom silicone lid for mug 70mm buy 1 glass for pc protective sleeve silicone anti-skidding

Well, there are a lot of requests like that. As a rule, there are 10 of them in a row, and then the daily budget runs out.

Is there any way to prohibit the ad to show the number of characters in direct?

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Where do you look at these queries? In the report Yandex.Direct "Search queries"? Then add the "Name of the site" slice to the output, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.