arrow_back How to promote a dating site?

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There is a newfound dating site with all the classic features + a few rare services (paper letters, joint travel). We did SEO by our own efforts according to the checklist. Made a couple of groups in VK and Odnoklassniki. Placed the site in several catalogs of sites, including Yandex. Registered with all the major webmasters and put the scripts on the site. Placed a link to a couple of sites with affiliate programs. But the influx of users is still no. Site a month. What else can be done as cheap or free to promote? Or need an expensive and aggressive advertising?

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No one will register on a dating site if there is no one to get acquainted with. Parsing in this case is a very dangerous thing - at the very least, you will get caught in Federal Law 152 for illegal use of personal data. In addition, you get an irrelevant base and negative feedback from potential customers, because they will not get the expected results because of the lifeless DB.
There are many good "white" ways of promotion, in addition to direct advertising (direct advertising - one of the most ineffective ways in our time! and even less passive expectation of return on it):
1. Make a mass recruitment of "testers" from the same students. The purpose in this case is not to look for bugs, but to get them hooked on the product - it works very well for launching referral marketing. The main thing is to find the right message for the target audience, so they don't feel cheated.
2. Make an interactive pairing game, or better yet, several: "you and a celebrity," "you're a movie character," "you're a horoscope," etc. People loved, love and will love tests and interactivity, which means they will throw links to each other.
3. Make a series of videos with a slice of "how couples who would never have met in real life suddenly met happiness if not for..." with examples from movies and TV shows. And a hint that it could be the same on your site, but faster. Run it on video hosting sites.
You can come up with a lot of interesting options for promotion, but I do not know your target audience and STP). Here you need to think about what the client ultimately wants to get and where he will look for a solution to his problem.
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Pair a major dating site, and pour yourself on the site.


How to parse if there are captchas and registration everywhere?
Sergey Karbivnichy It's all kind of trivial. It takes a lot of time. It needs to be quicker and more efficient.
You can freelance exchanges look for high school students, they are for pennies will almost manually parse.
There is little time and it needs to be promoted. But there will definitely be an influx.
Sergey Nekyi , isn't it? strange, then why is there still "no influx of users"?
Sergey Nekyi , fast and effective - buy a badu.
"As cheap as possible" is to hire schoolchildren to solve captchas and naparate questionnaires
Or generate fake ones

Another question - why do I need another dating site? As your direct target audience, I have no idea why I should go to you.
Dmitry The number of requests for dating sites is more than 9 million. And there are very few quality sites. You won't go, others will.
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Read the promotion blog -, quite a lot of useful information.
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Gather the CA in VK and chase ads on it, everything is as easy as can be.