arrow_back How not to show the site to bots coming from Direct?

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The point is this - the crisis is not a crisis - we pay for advertising, namely Yandex Direct and Google ads.
They work poorly, they bring clients. Noticed that she during the "self-isolation" search engines somewhat moderated appetite (or crawlers, I dunno ...) but the visits of bots are, and quite a lot. When there were fat times poorly with them put up with as an inevitable loss. But now everything - alles, we must chew, and immediately and painfully.

It has been repeatedly observed that bots use the HTTP1.1 protocol
Observing the raw logs of the web server once again found confirmation of this.

Question - how not to show the site to bots that have GET referrer ?yclid=6875647658769456 HTTP1.1
and show only to users if several conditions coincide
1. HTTP2.0 protocol + GET ?yclid=6875647658769456 HTTP2.0 referrer

2. add Yandex Direct and Google Ads bots to the exclusion list - they periodically check the site for availability

3. very desirable that when you go ghoul referer GET ?yclid=6875647658769456 HTTP1.1 not written off money - or is it technically impossible?

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There is no obvious recipe for this, as long as there is no accountability for this scam, neither botologists nor advertising platforms, you will continue to be cheated. Better look for other ways to find and attract customers. Considering those bots for scamming that I saw on youtube, there is no way you can get normal protection. Even cutting off amazon's ip does not necessarily help.

As long as advertising sites are white and fluffy all this will only continue and advertisers like you will pay for this banquet.
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Well, you have all the conditions, codify it.

Another thing is that they have already clicked on the ad, you can remove not show tracking pixels, or align utm in the statistics to understand the volume at least

completely on the GoogleJandex side can not be removed

well Kulgina Look at youtube, he suggested something there ( by IP to add to exceptions or something)