arrow_back Who, what does one do with the numbers next to the keys in the semantic core?

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Good afternoon.
When collecting the semantic core, a lot of keys with incomprehensible numbers.
For example:
Table 01
Table 11
Table 02
Table 03

And so on...
Tell me, how do you do it? Combine all such keys in one ad, or under each all the same write ads? Just Table 1000 I still understand (1000 mm.) For example. But the table 02, I do not know what people are looking for by making such a request ...

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It depends on what the numbers mean.
If you understand what they mean in your case, and they are targeted queries, it is worth creating a separate ad or combine these queries into a group to replace the pattern in the text.
If you don't understand it, you might want to add them to the minus-words altogether.
Often a regular search helps. It's smart, it understands better what the user meant.
In the case of furniture, it could be someone else's articles.


Exactly. It's probably someone else's articles... other models... But the question is, who does what with them? Is it worth offering your models to a person who is looking for specific articles, even if our models are similar...
Consider them as competitor models. That is, put them in a separate campaign (in the basis add to the minus-words) and test. After all, these are not hot direct requests.
Campaigns on competitors show very different results depending on the subject.
Alexei Denisov Thank you. It's a good option.