arrow_back What is the best plug to use for RSS?

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What advertising networks do you use to install a plug in the RNS.
By plugging, I mean inserting my advertisement.
As far as I know, you can't insert ads from Google that way.

PS. The site is legal

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Google ads can be inserted. Not the other way around.

You can put google, mytarget or legal affiliate promotional materials.


1. I can recommend a video with Yandex Youtube Channel . I used them myself.

2. I haven't worked with legal partnerships for a long time now. Lexprofit definitely had that.
Denis Rubizhansky ,
1. Advice on what to read on adfox, previously tried to understand it, but somehow not intuitive. And the reviews were negative, because CPM was received for pennies.

2. If there are many options, give me one. ))
As far as I know, affiliate companies have promotional materials to create their own webpages, but I haven't heard anything about banners.
1. The problem is not with the container, but that the stub is rendered in an iframe. It is better to output the stub through onStub adfox. And the size of the container can be specified in the settings of the block.

Banners that lead to the internal feed of the affiliate, for example. Many options, you have to ask the affiliate.
Can you be a little more specific?
1) As far as I know, you can insert, the problem is that the size of the container is not defined. Can this be a problem?
To be honest, I haven't done it myself, but I'm going to try it today.
2) What are the legal affiliate materials? Are there any legal CPAs that pay for banners?
The consultant and the feedback form I already have, but if they were not, then IMHO it is not an option to insert them in this way.

Another question, I've seen sites insert product displays (widget) from Yandex.Market, i.e. some product and left-right arrows switch to other products. Can you tell me where to get such a widget and whether it should be put on a legal site?
Or enough to be limited to Yandex and Google, well, even mytarget can try (he did not use).
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Google can