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I have a site, it is almost empty, I want to put ads that when a person clicks on the button and the video was opened to him with ads, and to watch the video I got paid. What is the service where to take this ad?


archelon What is the best way to monetize it?
I have a website, it's almost empty

Money for the view advertisements are paid depending on the promotion of the site.
The promoted site can pay cents to watch videos.
On the unpublished will pay nothing for hundreds of video views.

First, fill the site and raise its attendance, otherwise it will just hang ads and bring nothing but brakes.
archelon What's the service?
akhmed_kibishev ,
300-1000 a day

At best, you'll pay for hosting (but that's not certain).
Saboteur I will have traffic of 300-1000 a day, is it going to work?
300-1000 unique per day - can still pay off the domain for a year, but that's if every day will be the new unique.
But if they are the same (for example, visitors to the forum), then the profits will fall to kopecks, will be well maybe a buck a month ... in general, only losses.

It's best to monetize when you have a mega popular resource.
You can't, everyone's smart now.

If 300-1000 is thousands, then yes.

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Can you elaborate on what button the user will click, why the site is "almost empty" and if there is any traffic?
It's just that if there is no traffic on the site, the video ads may not connect the ad networks.