arrow_back Will there be problems with GDPR if Delay App Measurement is not checked in AdMob for Unity?

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Hi all, I have a question about Unity in conjunction with AdMob.
I recently updated the AdMob plugin for unity to the current version (5.2.0). There are a lot of new things in the settings, including the checkbox "Delay App Measurement" in Assets->GoogleMobileAds->Settings

Right here. It says that if the box is not checked, AdMob starts sending user data immediately after launching the app, even before obtaining EU consent. If this is the case, do I understand correctly that if my app is published worldwide, without any country restrictions in the developer's console, I am obliged to check this box? Otherwise, it leads to a violation of the GDPR, because if the game is published worldwide, it can be downloaded by a user from the European Economic Area and his data will be sent to Google servers even before the authorization to provide it?

What did you do in this situation? Did you check the box? I've read on the net that after setting "data delay" for metrics, some people stop collecting data at all... No one had similar problems?

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What did you do in this situation?

I try to initialize the minimum number of third-party libraries before accepting the GDPR. And make sure that the data to the GDPR goes impersonal.
This does not apply to admob specifically - it is in principle a common practice. So yes, check the box and initialize by hand - for the advertising grid is not too terrible - not analytics