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I work with a lot of text files (office, pdf, djvu, etc.) and wanted to know if there is an alternative to the classic "Explorer" (Windows 10), where I can mark (tags, "ticks", other signs) 1) those documents that I have already worked with, 2) those to which I need to return later, and 3) those to which I need to proceed soon, and similar information like "important" or "not interesting". Creating special folders for each category is inconvenient for me, and I often need to see all the files at once.

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XYPlorer can.

More Xplorer2

Directory Opus .

In Total Commander, you can use the file/folder comments, but it is so inconvenient that it is impractical.

It's important to understand how tagging works.

In TC only through a comment to the file/folder, stored locally in the file descript.ion (I did not copy/rewrite this file - lost the tags). \ UPD there is NTFS Descriptions 1.2.1 plugin, it stores them, of course, in ADS.

In Xplorer2 tags are stored in files\streams - requires ntfs (I threw it on a flash drive with fat - lost the tags).

XYPlorer seems to store them in some database of its own. It searches quickly, but logically they should work locally on the system where XYPlorer is installed.

There are pros/cons in all approaches, including those not mentioned above, but rather obvious (concerning the risks of losing tags, the possibility of reading tags on other machines, the possibility of reading tags with other programs, the features of backup/restoration of tags when the disk with the files/system disk is damaged, the features of tag search, "manual" reading of tags).

I would put Xplorer2 and XYPlorer and try them first. Where it is more convenient - that would be the one to use.
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Thanks for the tip!