arrow_back How to place "mobile ads" on the site?

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I know that there are advertising networks for mobile apps. There are many of them. And as I understand it, all are embedded through the SDK.

We have websites (one site, one game). How can we connect to show ads that are broadcasted by these ad networks (e.g. the same Unity ads)? We have multilingual sites, so we need a network that detects the user's language and shows ads in their language (like Adsense).

In particular, we can technically show cross-page ads, including videos. Maybe you have had such a case and tell me in what direction to look?


I embed natively in the xamarine, in principle you can make a separate branch there and load your container. What is the problem?
Vladimir Korotenko I have no idea in what direction to dig. I'm just studying the topic of monetization. Do I understand correctly that you are connected to a mobile advertising network (which, as I understand it, works only with apps) and display their ads on your site?
Googlus No, I'm talking about native controls for mobile applications.
Embedding them in the browser is prohibited, there is a relaxation for hybrid applications, but you need to clearly understand that you can catch a ban.
Once again, pay attention to advertising in the devices, must be only on the devices. This is clearly stipulated in the license message. Read it carefully to avoid being banned.

Plus, there are also special networks that are geared towards games.

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For example, the same Unity ads

For example, UnityADS, as well as most ad networks, will ask you for the application's id and search for it in the Store. Not all, of course, but many.

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So there are no legal ways to connect their network to the site?