arrow_back What prevents the switch from responding to tracert?

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Hello, everyone!

There is a funny situation going on with one of the switches. To be more precise, not one of them, but the central one.
The DELL PowerConnect 7024 switch is also a network router.

If it is pinged, everything is fine:

And if I do a trace, it doesn't respond:

Sometimes when tracing answers from it appear, but very rarely.

I have already broken my brain, I can not understand what this could be connected, especially since initially he always answered when trasert. At what point and when it could start - do not know.
Nothing unusual in the logs, the usual authorization marks.


Ask a question to tech support. it's interesting even...
Ruslan-Strannik , no. At least I did not set them up and initially everything was fine.
Incoming ICMP packets are dropped.
do you have filter rules on it?

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Since ICMP is handled exclusively by CPU, sometimes devices drop extra ICMP to avoid unnecessary load. On a number of devices, the minimum allowed number of such packets is written in the code and is not configurable in any way.

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I read about it, but the strange thing is that I did the tests at night, when no one was working, disconnected unnecessary ports... It didn't work.
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it seems to be about the icmp type ( )