arrow_back How to change the html code on the hosting with the help of software?

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Let's imagine the situation. I have an .exe (it does not matter what language, such machinations are similar everywhere, for example C++), after launching the .exe program opens the html page on my hosting and changes a certain string (for example HELLO WORLD123) to "51325HELLO WORLD". How do I do it? I'm not good with FTP requests, I would be glad if you could help. More clearly below.

We have:
index.html with code:
<div>HI DUDE</div>
<div>HUH BR</div>

Run the software (.exe). It replaces "HUH BR" with "NICHOSI".

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Create a RestfulAPI on the hosting service to give commands to edit files.

And from the exe-program to contact the hosting via POSTGET requests in json-format and perform the necessary actions.
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you don't need assembler or even C)))
enough zhYkveri
find the div that has the line "blah-blah-blah" and replace it with "I'm a programmer".


Huntgold ,
Why exactly in the exe?
you need to physically change the file or just show the "B" in the browser instead of the "A"
Only how to cram it into a .exe file, then you need access to ftp (as far as I understand), then open the document, then replace the string.
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Can you be more specific? Here is my request for it to find the right string (just to make it clear how my code works)
% ie.document.getElementsByTagName("div")[a].innerText
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In general, sat up all night and made via FTP, the software connects to FTP, downloads the file, edits and pours back with a replacement. Of course, it's not perfect, but it works

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