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So someone recommended the Gigaset C530A IP to my nachs.
And he said that at events he uses instead of walkie-talkies, type of call, a headset in his ear, and that's it.
All looked around I can not find how to do it, the only options that I found is either buy a SIP account and pay 2k per month, or do yourself a virtual ATC.
The only thing that works is to call from handset to handset, as well as to make a general call to all the handsets, but when a general call when one answers, the others reset the call.
abramoov , there are ready to go:
You have to spend five seconds on Google to find these ready-made solutions: https:/www.google.comsearch?q=ip+ats
hint000 I thought maybe there was a ready-made solution
The only options that I have found is either buy a SIP account and pay 2k a month, or do yourself a virtual ATC
and you want a hardware solution?

You can hire a freelancer once so you don't have to pay every month, but you don't have to do it yourself.

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The IP phone is just a phone to connect it to a PBX. It has a function of conferecommunication, but for this it must have an active number: external or internal, otherwise how will it combine calls if the callers will have no numbers, nothing. But everything is in the manual.