arrow_back How can I reduce the price of my order?

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What are some ways to reduce the price per click on Direct?

The company average is 200 rubles, and I'm in the third or fourth position.

Tried queries in quotes. There in general raised the rate to 400 p., and no traffic.

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Improving ad relevance, landing page quality and increasing CTR are the initial ways.
And then think about whether you really need the hits on these requests, if they do not pay off.
And the cost per click is not the same as the cost per order. Maybe you can reduce the cost of the order itself for the same click-through price.


Alexei, thank you! I'll give it a try.

And if I could ask you one more question?
I'm kind of a very novice in this field ) don't know much...
Drove the site so far (on average) to 1 order with 7 conversions is this normal?
makalapa , conversion for all subjects and sites is different, the norm, too. The main thing that the cost of such an order was cost-effective. But there is no limit to perfection.