arrow_back How to animate multiple objects in After Effects?

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I make a mini-intro for myself, consisting of three AI files. Two text - one vector image.
According to the script, it should be like this:
An ai object appears from below, stops in the center, the first ai text comes out of that center, then the second ai text comes out of the center.
It's probably a total cliché, but I know absolutely nothing about After Effects, so please help me
(p.s I have a Russian interface, keep that in mind when explaining)
thanks in advance

2 Answers

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Each layer is a kind of object. Animate each one separately for good measure. Or combine them into a pre-composition and animate them together.
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"I can do absolutely nothing" is more about everything, not just After Effects.
Even a little skill to use a google or other search engine, immediately gives a solution.
To give you an example, this.