arrow_back Is there any way to perform remarketing by visits, without access to the site's admin panel?

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Let me tell you briefly, the site has a referral system, those who register for your referral link become your referrals, and bring you income.

Now I'm advertising a link by contextual advertising, just the name of the site.

I recently learned that there is a remarketing, and it has the ability to segment the audience, by how many times they visited the site (correct me if I'm wrong).

Is it possible somehow without access to the admin panel of the site, to segment the users to show ads only to those who have not ever googled the name of the site, to be new users without an account, or something similar?

I would be glad if you suggest something, please do not beat, in advertising I am an ignoramus.

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This function is called dynamic feed.
Not to show ads to those who have already clicked on the link will not work, but you will be able to show modified ads. And in cases where you do not get in the snippet of contextual advertising for the user, then you can not see such users in the statistics of advertising. Accordingly, with the same keywords, one time to show ads, and the other - not to show ads, will not work.

If you direct to the same page - then the user will have the link highlighted as visited. So, the user himself will see that the link was visited.
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You can't do that, remarketing is only for those who have visited - they will now see your site on all sites (if you pay for remarketing, of course)

and the site admin has nothing to do with it at all