arrow_back High Ping because of the MacBook?

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About a couple of months ago the internet started pinging hard on all devices, mobile, desktop computer (it became impossible to play ks). I thought it was because of my ISP.
But... a couple of days ago I found out, while playing KC, that when I turned it off from the wifi, a miracle happened, the ping immediately became normal. Checked the test several times, realized that it was because of the mac.

The question is, what could cause this?
I think only iCloud can pull, but I only have 1.5Gb of files there. So I don't know. Advice on what to do)


Try changing the frequency channel on the router
Check if there are no torrents running, I remember a long time ago a cheap Dolink was dying from torrents, if it does not limit the number of connections, but otherwise the whole network was a mess.
Also by the way, checked the experiment on another modem as a guest, the same problem, the ping jumps to 300-500 immediately
Dmitry Roo It's the macbook that's causing the whole network to go down. Now we need to see what the problem is.
Why is it the poppy... Maybe it's the router. More devices - more load - more delays.
I hope the landline is connected by cable. If it's wired, there's nothing to talk about.
GavriKos , stationary via cable.
The modem is fine.

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The only way the mac can affect it is to download something from the network (or give it away), resulting in a weak router just has a big load on the CPU and the speed on the other devices falls.
Install iStat Menus, it has the ability to track network activity from the computer and you can understand at this point whether there is any activity or not from the macbook. There is nothing else it can do.


Let's say, another funny thing. If you just close the lid of the mac, the problem does not disappear, but if you unplug it, then the problem disappears

The Mac does not disconnect from WIFI with the lid closed, if it is checked.

What do you play on the KC, PC with the KC also sits on WIFI?