arrow_back CISCO: How do I add a media server from SDP to the Internet?

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I am armed with CISCO891-K9 V01

There is a tunnel for voip:

interface Tunnel0
ip address *REAL.IP*
ip mtu 1420
tunnel source FastEthernet8
tunnel mode ipsec ipv4
tunnel destination *REAL.IP*
tunnel protection ipsec profile voip

The provider gives a static IP, and this is how the Internet access is set up:
interface FastEthernet8
description <<< Outside >>>
ip address *MY.IP*
ip nat outside
ip virtual-reassembly
duplex auto
speed auto

ip nat inside source list 1 interface FastEthernet8 overload
ip nat inside source list NAT_outside interface FastEthernet8 overload
ip route *PLUS_PROVIDER*
ip access-list extended NAT_outside
deny ip
permit ip any
access-list 1 permit

Here's the question, the Internet works fine at 100mbps
But the telephony is glitchy, it doesn't ring, it resets...
I was told that I needed to add the MEDIA SERVER from SDP.
How to do it and what is it?

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>> make the MEDIA SERVER also via SDP.

What to do? Do you have a media server separate from the telephony server? Where is the telephony server, version? Where are the phones located Why the tunnel at all?