arrow_back What technology to use if you need to make versions for multiple platforms?

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Afternoon. For android, for SteamVR, for android oculus quest, for future XR (augmented reality glasses) formats.

What to program in, where to store data, etc.


Project. To work with data, save, edit, visualize, etc.
Do what?

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If it's some kind of visualization project, then probably yes, Unity is the easiest way - versatile and relatively easy to enter.
If it's a pet project or whatever, as long as you have something to use - then choose JS :) You can now write web in it, and you can create cross-platform applications. And you can do VR and AR, and 3D2D drawing. In short, anything you like. It's certainly more complicated than Unity, but more universal. It's possible.
You can work with data anywhere. It depends on what kind of data and how you need to work with it, that's how to choose (there are more than enough systems)
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