arrow_back Why is there no routing?

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Why does not the routing from the network in the network, and vice versa all works!

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The network "pings" completely!
The network only pings

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because it looks like the nat is on
And you probably don't need routing at all
It just needs to work as a switch or wi-fi hotspot

If so, don't use the WAN port. Plug all the links into the LAN
and turn off DHCP on the stupid phone


So is the nat switched off on the stupid (not on the microt)?
And the firewall?
turn off the nat then on the dumbwaiter.
then the loopink will know all two networks when it is on both networks
and microtic doesn't know about the 10...x.xx network
You have to prescribe a route to the deadlink on it, like this
net 10.x.x.x.x mask y.y.y.y via
iddqda It is, see the third screen.
Or do I need some other NAT settings on the microtic?
That's the thing - you need two separate ip networks
Capitollium , Explore all issues. You will understand.
Ruslan-Strannik There is internet in the network, but it "flows" through the microt, so packets go to the wan interface of the tplink
Why is there no routing?

because you haven't set it up.
The pointlink will not allow packets that come to it on the wan interface to pass through. In your case.
Capitollium ,
That's the thing - you need two separate ip networks

do it on the microtic, and put pt-link in access point mode