arrow_back No google ads, what could be the reason?

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Worked rk 3 months. The budget was 10,000 a day. Then from September 1, 0 shows, although nothing has changed in the rk at all. Objavleniya and the keys are allowed. Regions are the same, all the same rates as it was.

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1. You should check if the ads are not rejected
2. If not, what is your measure of advertising quality?
3. Check the percentage of lost impressions in auctions
4. Check the bid, it may not be competitive
5. Maybe you ran out of money on your balance after all?


1. admitted
2.Optimization index 74 and 100
3.where to look? stand
5.there is enough money on the balance sheet
Seobabai ,
That's a lot of loss.
Are the ads only shown in search?
You have a good CR, but a very low CTR for search, hence probably little traffic, or rather its absence.
And what does the Preview and Diagnosis of Ads show for your keywords?

I would run an experiment with a different bidding strategy and modified ads.
Danny Arty , 5f4de365431b5584318443.png

This is from yesterday.
all for zero today
Seobabai ,
click Change Columns -> Competitive Indicators -> Percentage of Lost Shows
Danny Arty Thank you.
Danny Arty , The ad is not shown
At this time we cannot determine why your ad is not showing.
Seobabai Then I advise to try to create an experiment with a different bidding strategy, targeting (maybe you have too narrow an audience) and work out your ads (change texts, maybe creatives) and contact Google support in your country. They will tell you more accurately.