arrow_back The problem is the phone. Help?

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Phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T) takes all the wai and the speed of the maximum two or even three times less, and the ping also because of this phone in others? I reflash the phone, the same thing starts.

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The phone may not work correctly in the WIFI module (hardware or software problem). If the phone uses slow speeds (this can be checked on the client in the connection properties) to connect to WIFI, all WIFI clients of this router will suffer. In WIFI terminology, this is called a "slow client" and there are also routers with protection against slow clients. You can try tweaking the router settings (change the channel, disable TKIP, change the channel width 2040)
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If the router is yours, you should ask it to collect statistics on traffic from this phone. First, you need to find out what exactly is going on: the phone sends correct requests outside (then look where exactly; and what is clogging the channel - requests or responses);
The phone is a mess with WiFi and just clogs up the airwaves.


Jeckson2003 You have to go to the router's Web interface and look there for an item like "traffic information collection".

What kind of receiver is there? If it's FM radio, no, those are separate frequencies. If it's "internet radio" - maybe; turn it off.

And in general, it's a good idea to turn off functions as much as possible and then turn them on one at a time.
Jeckson2003 could it be a problem with the receiver on the phone?
And how to do it, I just do not understand what to do (