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Hello. I have a question about online payments in an app. I am currently developing an app with the following very simplified meaning:
The customer makes the order, the contractor executes the order. But there is a risk here - the customer may refuse the order, and in this case, the contractor will incur losses. It is necessary "insurance" of the executor for such cases. To do this, the customer must pay $5 to his account. In the insurance case, this $5 must go to the performer. The developer (the app) does not get any money. But the customer should be able to get this money back if they want to, if the insured event does not happen.
The next question is, is it possible to implement this with minimal (legal) involvement of the application and the developer? I.e., maybe there are some services that can keep the money and, if necessary, return the payments and redirect them to where they are needed? The app only needs to show the account balance and needs a button to refill the "insurance" funds. I don't want to get involved with banks, legal entity registration, and reporting.
Once again: I'm not going to keep any profit from these payments.
I apologize if I didn't phrase my question well.
boss_lexa all russia, all physicists
executors individuals or legal entities?
performers from which countries?

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1) each of your performers can create an account in the payment system and give you a password to the API so you can manage payments from their accounts, but then you lose the essence of your "insurance" - as not only you but also the performers have access - then they can simply not return any payment. So this simple option won't suit you very well.

2) Do it yourself
For this model, there is a small list of specialized services that work on the model "marketplace" or "safe transaction" - where the site serves as an arbitrator and can receive a commission. but these services are few and all they will usually require a sole proprietorship from you, but their advantage is that the money executors-customers may not touch your company account - so that the tax consequences are not expected to much.


To make a secure transaction you need clear rules and there must always be someone to be the arbitrator to decide who is right - and the platform becomes the arbitrator, and that means you incur some costs and it is logical then that the platform takes a percentage for that.

3) Give a secure transaction to a service partner
example https://www.safecrow.ru/partners