arrow_back How do I program the MATRIX PROXY CARD?

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What is used to program this proximity reader?


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You have already been told. You need to find out the format of the cards and read what and how they are programmed.
And you are throwing a picture of the READER, not the programmer.

But I'll google it for you.
1. Find your reader, for example here

2. Read the technical description "Purpose of the product

Designed for use in access control systems as a proximity card reader Proximity standard Em Marin and Hid and code conversion read the card in the code Dallas TM and Wiegand 26.

We understand that it can work with Em Marin cards (another commercial name of the manufacturer, which produces different types of proximity cards and fobs), all of them actually use the format of RFID

Read the details about Em Marin ( ) and RFID.
For programming - you can buy programmable cards and look for Chinese programmers for 1500 rubles, or the original for 20,000 rubles. For example here
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It's not like it's programmable. It's just a reader that reads data from the card and sends it to the controller.