arrow_back How do I get money for clicking on an ad link?

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There are many services to place ads on the site as an example Google Adsense.
But I'm interested in such service (or API of above mentioned services to make it by myself) that I could get links and images of ads that I could send a message with my Viber bot and that I would get money for people who clicked on URL.
I need some kind of advertising service to receive an image and a link to which, if someone will go to the site of the person who was advertising and I will get the money. Or, for example, as they do on the sites when you go to the video, it opens in a different window, and the first one opens advertising


Mom's spammer couldn't Google it.
To begin with you need to learn Russian.
Ronald McDonald I take it you also do not know or for you it is such a trivial question that you do not need to answer it?
dollar If you do not want to, then do not write you are not the last person on this forum
It's not clear what you want, to be honest. Create your own analogue of AdSense? Or just an AdSense analog?
dollar I have nothing to do with it. Please write on the subject and not to make fun of me.
Volodymyr Palamar and this is on topic. For some reason I have no desire to respond because of gross mistakes in Russian. So I write in the comments to the question that the Russian language is important. It is necessary not only now, but in general in life, when you deal with Russian speakers.
Volodymyr Palamar So you want to be able to choose which ads to place?
If you can copy it, good if not, even better
Danny Arty No, I need either through some other service or through AdSense to get the link and the image. So that when people clicked on the link it would count for me
Volodymyr Palamar this is not a forum.
Danny Arty , and can you link to a specific example. If there is one)
Volodymyr Palamar I don't have any examples. You can just write your own bot, for example, which will take out the text, picture and url of adsense ads and skip to the group in viber. But for this your adsense account can get banned without possibility of recovery - about this read in the rules
Volodymyr Palamar Adsense Management API to help you
Danny Arty not really I want to essentially send people who are subscribed to my vyber bot receive once a day advertising (image and link) and if they click on it then I get some profit
Danny Arty , Advertising from Yandex is also not suitable ( I do not work with CIS.
Volodymyr Palamar I can't say about the others, I only work with AdSense and РСЯ.
Danny Arty , that's not very good news. Are there any other services?
Danny Arty Thank you very much

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You should go to, they also have an API. They pay $1.55 per 1,000 views.

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A little bit not what I need (I need some kind of advertising service to get the image and link to which if someone will go to open the site of the person who was advertising and I will get the money. Or, for example, as they do on the web sites when you pass to the video, it opens in a different window, and the first opens ads