arrow_back Why is the PBX not accessible from the phone?

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Router ISR 4331
External dedicated IP for telephony
Telephony server
The router is configured to broadcast:
ip nat inside source static
3CX telephony (ports):
Telephony is available for PCs outside the network (Web panel opens, desktop application works), but is not available for phones (Both panel and mobile application), but when connecting within the network access appears, the site and application work. What can it be?

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1) IP refers to external networks, the subscriber must allow external connection. In his Options tab - see Disallow use of extension outside the LAN
2) Check in 3CX - settings-network settings - whether the internal address range and external address ( are selected correctly
3) In the tab Phone Provisioning - look at the settings for the subscriber's application, what is it with the settings of Provisioning Method in the section IP Phone.
4) If the application works well and calls - then all the settings are correct, it just uses its own 3CXTunnel.
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Did you do everything according to the manual and turn off SIP ALG?