arrow_back How to prepare for the GCSE in Computer Science?

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Now I'm in the 10th grade, and only now I realized that this is my penultimate chance.

Last year I was almost a prize-winner at the regional stage, and now, looking at these tasks, I realize how "vegetable" I was. So, I scored 302 points out of 320 prizewinners, as well as out of 570 passing points for the final stage. In grade 10-11 I intend to be a prize-winner of the final stage.

What would you advise me to study? From what I know at the moment:
- Of course, containers like vector, queue, stack, dequeue, priority_queue, set (all 4 sets), map (too), I'll learn list.
- DP
- Binary and ternary search
- graph algorithms: BFS, DFS, Dijkstra, Ford-Bellman, Floyd

I was told to solve all the past regions for 800 points, C and D if you can not pass at 100, read the analysis and solve

- Is it necessary to know and be able to implement algorithms like DP on sub-sections (by profile, by subtrees), Z-functions, Cartesian tree, Fenwick tree, red-black tree, bores, top sort, system of non-intersecting sets? Maybe we should know how to solve bridge problems, articulation points?
- Should I read books? Which ones?
- Is it necessary to know geometry? Maybe vectors, trigonometry?

To begin with, at least to go to the All-Race, and already at 11 to pick it up. Thank you all for your answers.


bro, respect!
Ainur Nizamov No one should or will "teach". But to suggest contacts, materials - the coach could well.

Or google the contacts yourself? Don't olimpiadniks have their own groups on facebook or something?
If you are already participating, you should have a coach or contacts for the organizers. They may have connections.
If you are already participating, you should have a coach or contacts for the organizers. They may have connections.
After school, no one is particularly interested in what kind of Olympiads and what kind of tasks there are, so you can find answers to your questions among adults unless someone has participated in such in the recent past.
Saboteur Unfortunately, our trainer stopped teaching us after we learned if-else, loops, functions, and recursion

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Hi, there's an LCS summer school, and there's also an open access LCS curriculum that's worth going through and caring about.
And then there are sites like codeforces, informatics mccme and others.
The idea is simple - constantly solve contests and participate in other olympiads, like VKOSHP and others
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Hello, fellow countryman!

Frankly, I don't know the exact answer to your question.

But if you live in Kazan, I would suggest that you go to KSU. There are probably competent people in the relevant department there who can help you with your "promotion".

But, in addition, there are strong and even very strong schools in Kazan that also have strong competent teachers.
Moscow universities are full of strong Olympiad students from Kazan at the All-Russian level. They do not appear from nothing, as I believe. Maybe you should go to a school like that or something similar if you're not already there.
At strong schools, there are usually all sorts of programming clubs for inquisitive students, led by decent professionals.

In any case, you need to find a bunch of enthusiasts just like you, headed by the right person. And then, you have to work and not be lazy.

I've written in a bit of a rambling way here, but I hope something helps you, fellow countryman.
Good luck and lots of strength on your journey!