arrow_back What are your settings and plugins for react in vscode?

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I want to get the most comfortable working with reakt in vskod, but I run into problems. I have jsx highlighting configured, autotags too, but my autotags started working everywhere, even if it's a node file. I would also like settings for quick creation of single tags. As far as I understand my code doesn't detect javascript file or javascript(react), it says javascript everywhere, no matter if it's a node or react. Can you show me a list of your settings and plugins so I can use the same settings.

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[offtop] Try WebStorm - it's much more convenient to work with React and there's no need to install plugins [offtop]

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I use the Prettier - Code formatter plugin for comfortable work
You can download it here click
And for React, I use ES7 React snippets
You can download it here click

To avoid such problems with node, just go to settings and select the extension of the files on which the plugin will work