arrow_back How do I set up access from one VLAN to another?

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Hi all!

Please tell me, when setting up a VLAN on the Cisco switches, how to organize the interaction between VLANs.
Only by routing?
There is a network I want to make 2 different VLANs to divide the PCs into groups. I need to split into 2 subnets and, on the PC to assign addresses with these subnet masks for VLANs. and for access from one VLAN to another to add a router and write routing or is there any other way to configure?


I need to split into two subnets

What is the purpose of doing this?
128 network start

Why don't you use the following subnet? or 3.0

As for the question - create the required number of vlan, hang addresses on the gateway for each vlan interface, write routes. and that's all, if ACLs are not used

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The right thing to do is to use a router for this kind of task. Or a switch with L3 function
UPD If both Vlans will be on the same router, then routing does not need to be configured.